Got my HSC results this morning!! Non-NSW(Australia) people read: Got my A-levels/VCE/GCSE/etcetera results this morning!! They came out at 6 a.m. (obviously I stayed up). As you can see, I ARE WINNAR!! Click the picture for a totally untouched image of what I endured 12 years of education to see:

English! How I love thee! After blasting me away with 87 last year, now you bless me with a 95! NINETY-FIVE!?! OMFG. There must be something wrong with the world. Maths, my enduring companion, never-failing in providing me with uber marks all the time! *Hugs*.

Chemistry. YOU WHORE. After ALL the work I put into you, all that time, effort, passion and rambling, all you turn out is a measly 94?? GUESS WHAT?? NINETY-FOUR RHYMES WITH WHORE!! HAHAHAHAH.

People kept txting me and calling me today. It's one of those times when I become instantly popular and oh so cynical. Anyway, UAI's come out tomorrow. Wish me luck!