Yes! Bow down to me NOW! I am clearly superior to all of you unemployed PLEBIANS!! Muahahaha! Ahem. After years and years of terrible self-esteem destroying degrading job-hunting I have finally got a job. I'm typing this now from the computer at my desk. It's so COOL.

Basically my brother is a research assistant at UNSW and I'm his assistant. Well, unofficial assistant. Technically I'm not allowed to be in this building. I was in the tea-room making a cup of tea and the EVIL-ADMIN lady came up behind me and started interrogating me. It was SCARY. She asked me who I was, what I was doing in this building, etc. etc. and I made up so much bullshit up on the spot but she kinda suspected it and went and told my brother. LoLLers.

My brother heaps most of his dirty work on me; I gotta sort through a CRAP load of data. It's amazing. I didn't know a ".txt" file could be a few gigabytes in size. They contain just INSANE amounts of data about markets and lots of crap I don't know about but eventually will. Like bid-ask prices and stock indices and the SP100. My brother's boss (his lecturer actually) has a 2 terabyte hard-drive under his desk. Wows.

At least I'll get lots of monies. $20/hr! SO kewl.