Study procrastination...

Do you know what I do when I'm procrastinating from study and being all lazy and fat? I cook! Haha! My family feels all lucky (well SHOULD feel all lucky) during my final exam periods (and I feel like crap) as the kitchen miraculously turns into a production line for all a manner of baked, steamed, fried, poked and prodded tasties.

Unfortunately for me, that has led to ahem "equatorial engorgement" as I like to call it, so I'm trying to cut back on baking a little bit. BUT I CAN'T! It's in my BLOOD! I wonder if I had any bakers in the family line...

Anyway, in my attempts to save time cooking to get more time studying (making bloody creme brulee and lemon meringue pie from scratch really gets time consuming with the washing up and may contribute to a substantial drop in my WAM) I went to the super market and bought instant pancake shake mix and some maple syrup to satisfy my gastronomical urges.

UNFORTUNATELY THE DAMN MAPLE SYRUP WAS SOME FAKE SHIT THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE SUGAR IN IT! I realised I was buying the fake stuff (i.e. not the real stuff from Canada or watever) but seriously, this is taking this sugar-free business just a little bit too far don't you think! I don't want to be pouring sorbitol all over my pancakes.

And to make things worse, the pancake mix was the worst I've ever had. It couldn't take being soaked in syrup and turned into mush. Uber low gluten content maybe?? Who knows. At least it wasn't gluten free urgh.

Ah well. To be fair, the faux-maple syrup was the best tasting sugar free thing I've ever had. Which is really not that much of a prize.

Anyway, back to study.

"Regulation and Professional Ethics for an Actuary..."