China BIG man!

There's this Asian guy at uni I know pretty well. He's a bit of a gangster type, but he's a nice guy. He works out heaps like goes to the gym everyday, and he's pretty buff. Anyway, we were in a portfolio management quiz and he was laughing at me at how I sprained my back at the gym (I was walking really funny) and then he goes, "Hey man, how much do you weigh?"

Ok, random, I thought, and told him 80kg (even though I'm really 85), and he was so shocked LOL! I was like offensive much!! He asked my height and we were both around 175. Then he went silent for a while and I noticed he went really emo, then he goes, really sad faced:

"Man, your such a big cunt, I've been working out so much trying to put on weight and I'm only 70!"

I was laughing in my head so much.

He clearly underestimates the weight of my thunder thighs.

I guess he's coming from the muscle weight perspective, or something. Funny it is that people have such different perspectives about exactly the same thing.

I guess that's life!