Exam time RAGE UPDATE!


I hate exam period so much. So much HATE!

I spent hours studying Lectures 1-10 for intermediate macroeconomics and LO AND BEHOLD the majority of the damn exam is on Lectures 11 and 12. Someone upstairs hates me.

So now I'm sitting here at my computer like a fatty trying to absorb a semester's worth of frikkin' econometrics cos I went to like 4 lectures in the whole semester. It's not my fault!! The lecturer sucked SO BAD. No seriously!!

First-differenced estimations and adjusted R-squared and weighted least-squares and Breush-Pagan ARGH my brain is going to explode.

And I'm getting cannulated tomorrow.



A 2 November 2009 at 12:27 am  

Frack! You are a fat-ass indeed.