I have a new obsession. Cosplay. Yes, you read right, cosplay (read: costume + play = cosplay). Depending on your intention, it's like playing dress-up for older people (except much MUCH more expensive and infinitely more perverted) where you dress up as bestest you can as an anime character, or it's a perfectly rational excuse to cross-dress or wear something that would normally classify you as clinically insane.


So basically weirdos like-minded people like me get together at anime conventions (like animania) and dress up funky and oogle at each other and dance on stage and get voted Best Cosplayer of 2008 or whatever. Seriously fun. I was planning to go with Am and that crew but OTHER people suddenly were interested in it to so alas! We are at an impasse.

Anyway, I'm going as Orochimaru, that snakey tongue-flicking (PERFECT!) baddie from Naruto. I tried his face today using acrylic paint as face-paint (don't think that's too healthy for me skin) and it turned out COOL. Just need to make the rest of his costume now. Which, if I am totally true to his character, would involve me losing 20 kilos, piercing my ears, buying $400 yellow cat-eye contacts and growing long luxurious shoulder length hair.



Amna 19 March 2008 at 1:31 am  

Cosplay FTW!!! I am seriously considering going as Kyouya. It would be ridiculously fun....I'D NEED A TAMAKI THOUGH *POKE* XDDD