Computer fast again!

I just formatted c-drive (C:/ for the DOS oldies :P) on my comp and now it's all fast again! YAY!! I think I used to accidentally (or not so accidentally) reset the computer too much and maybe just hit the hard-drive every now and again (LOL) so the bad sectors and crap started to build up. Windows went bonkers and took half a lifetime to load everytime I booted up.

So I said STUFF IT! I'm deleting YOU! Had to copy all the files and crap. Fun fun. And had to install all the programs and drivers ALL over again. Oh the pain. Well it was worth it I suppose.

Anyway, on the 'new' comp (before I installed Photoshop) I went to my blog and the Header ("Evil Lemons") was PLAIN UGLY. I didn't realise maybe some ppl didn't have the "Juice ITC" font. Anyway, THIS is what you're meant to see. If you don't then go install Photoshop!!