Lord help me. I've finally been seduced by the satanic minions of Hell (little devil applications) and now I officially have a Facebook account. LOL! It is such a pointless waste of time! But it's so much fun HAHA. I've always seen my older siblings on it and I guess I always thought of it as some "rite of passage" thingy into university. Now I'm in!

So many random things to do. I'm a soft Banana, hard Cocaine, screw-the-world Claire Bennet, been poked, slapped, bitten, raped, headbutted and worshipped all in a matter of days. All my Vampire wants to eat is Grace, my IQ is 135, I want to save Darfur and my sister sent me an adorable Scottish-Fold kitten. It's hilarious!

I'm trying to forge an identity here, but it's so ridiculous you can't take it seriously. Everyone's making their own little facade of a life with photos, videos and whatnot, and stalking each other to see if they fit in to what everybody else is like.

Ah well! *Runs off to go poke random people*. Hehe...


Amna 26 February 2008 at 2:16 am  

'All my Vampire wants to eat is Grace...'