Note to self: When buying add-water-and-shake type pancake mixes, be careful not to buy the gluten-free kind. Eurgh. Gluten-free pancakes are not pancakes. They look like pancakes. They smell like pancakes. But they don't feel like pancakes. Too crumbly.

It actually tasted a bit like a Malay sweet, putu piring. Now that is nice. *Drool*. It's like a rice-flour based steamed caked filled with gula melaka (palm sugar). Here's another description. When I was in Singapore my mum always bought putu piring from one stall in Geylang. Apparently it's the best putu piring in Singapore. I dunno; it sure was yummy.

LOL! I found pics of the place on Flickr. There's always long queues there. I remember this woman making them; she was so efficient! Freaky production line stuff. Found another kewl blog post on it. Look at this and this and drool.

In other news, NEVER EVER eat stale dragonfruit bought from Randwick. God. I had a bite and nearly vomited. Yes, dragonfruit. Another random Asian fruit. I bought half a kilo of lychees the other day and munched on them as I went walking around Parramatta Westfield. That was fun. Haha.