Extracting My Wisdom...

My last 2 wisdom teeth were ripped out today. Ouch. Well not really (thanks to Mr. Lidocaine) but after the surgery (i.e. RIGHT-FREAKIN-NOW) my mouth stings like a biatch. I'm pumped full with powerful prescription only pain-killers to stop the dull, throbbing ache. Seriously it's terrible. I tried eating bubur (it's this Malay rice porridge, the softest thing in the universe) but it hurt so much I had to stop. Ah the pain.

Well this is what happened. I went to the dentist and eventually ended up in the chair. He stuck 2 needles into each tooth (bottom ones only; I took out the top ones months ago) which kinda stung a little bit but not really and then my face went all numb and I tried to gargle my mouth (with Listerine) but my bottom lip wouldn't close so I ended up spitting all over myself and looking like an unfortunate sort of person.

After I was all woozy, numb and totally not in the right state of mind to be signing any contracts the dentist (well dentist's assistant) hands me this form. A surgical consent form. It said that I agree to this surgery even though I might permanently damage my nerves (which would result in not being able to taste bitter anymore. How LOLable!) I signed it; my writing was a bit wonky SINCE I WAS SO FREAKIN DRUGGED.

No offence to my dentist or anything (I actually really like him. Awesome bloke, really.) but I think you should give patients consent forms before you stick their veins with mind-numbing goodness.

Then push led to shove, the dentist drilled, pushed and cut, stuck a tool into my mouth and friggin' CRACKED my teeth into 2 pieces (I didn't feel any pain, but OH the PRESSURE!) which was by far the most disturbing part, and used another tool to pull out my teeth in 2 pieces. With a nice suction-ey feeling everytime the roots came out. With my head pounding and the dentist sweating, these babies were popped into a sterile bag and sent home with me:

Pretty, isn't it? When I got home I steam sterilised them (then bleached them) so now they're all white and gleaming. Yes, I am a clean freak. But the pain! And the BLOOD! My stitches wouldn't stop bleeding. Well they're not bleeding now, so I suppose a picture would be nice:

First stitches of my life! LOL!

Here are the top 2 wisdom teeth. It was a much cleaner exit for these two. My dentist said he can do the top ones with his eyes closed but the bottoms are skanks (pun totally not intended.)

DRUGS, DRUGS AND MORE DRUGS. They do keep me smiling :D.


r 11 January 2008 at 8:14 pm  

but congratulations on the stitches!
i dont even have wisdom teeth yet

Anonymous 12 January 2008 at 11:14 am  

How weird is it that I am sitting beside my snoring partner (who is recovering from getting his wisdom teeth out) when I actually try to look over my blog administrivia and find your link to my blog?

Good to see your blog reincarnation and know that you've made it through the perils into university. (That's as close as I can get to speaking Oz...)

And you must be recovering well from surgery since you're up and making croissants. (looking esp. yummy and I definitely approve of the chocolate filling)

It's a lot easier to heal from the extraction when one is younger. I got mine out at 18, slept for 3 days with the help of Percoset and was up and fine. The 'savant got his wisdom teeth out on the 7th,tried to go back to work yesterday but came home early, still in a lot of pain due to a secondary sinus infection (His dr. finally added abx and a decongestant to his Vicodin today so I'm hoping he'll move a bit further on the road to recovery.)

Sorry to blather on, as well as post anonymously, but I'm not on the computer that has my blogger password. Guess I'll have to resurrect it as well as throw out a link to you as well.

Take good care,

The Evil Lemon 17 January 2008 at 12:24 am  

Heyaa!!! Long time no see! I was moping all over the house cos my jaw just kills like crazy (I refuse to take anymore painkillers) and i checked my mail and heard from you again! WOOHOO!

I tried sooo long to contact you after I started a new blog. The old one died (read: I deleted it) due to certain extenuating circumstances. I made this new one and tried to tell you about it but your blog has something weird about logging in to comment or some stuffs.

Ah well. At least we've established contact! And do blather on. I enjoy a good rambling ;)