Max Brenner (FINALLY!!)

So. Finally, after months (literally) of nagging, my family finally agreed to take me to the very famous Max Brenner's Chocolate Cafe. Chocolate by the Bald Man. Not exactly an appetising slogan, but who cares!? The moment I walked into the Parramatta cafe and saw the huge vats of swirling metal molten chocolate I was a stark raving lunatic screaming to dig into some waffles! FEED ME!!

I was kinda sizing out the place and comparing it to Sydney's other famous chocolate joint, Lindt Cafe (which I have also been to). Mind you, I'm heavily biased towards Lindt, since it just sounds so much cooler, and has that prestigious air, like it's an aristocratic establishment (it's also kewl that Lindt invented conching, although serendipitously...)


The Max Brenner place was kinda, er, dark. As in really dark. Maybe they were trying to give it that seedy feel of a nightclub or something I dunno. It was different I suppose. It was very full too. Irrelevant details. All that is important is the FOOD.


We ordered crepes, waffles, suckao, hot chocolate, strawberries and melted chocolate (*moans*) and peanut butter milkshakes. It was SO good. I don't really want to compare it to Lindt (I can't really, I haven't tasted everything, and plus Lindt is so friggin' expensive) so I'll just describe the food in all its glories.

The strawberries were so good! They were actually sweet (I'm too used to sour supermarket strawberries.) I wonder where they get them from. And the chocolate! Just TOO good! It finished so quickly. *Sigh*...

Here's a close-up/artistic-shot. Pretty.

Here are the Tutti-Frutti Waffles (or should I say waffle.) Waffle, GODLY chocolate, bananas, those damn good strawberries again and some vanilla ice-cream. It was SO GOOD. Some people (*ahem*) say that it's better than the Lindt waffles but I don't really think so. However, I wouldn't mind someone buying both for me again so I could compare! HAHA.

Suckao. A strange Max Brenner invention. Suck + Cacao = Suckao. Capish? I didn't think it was all that great. Honestly it was kinda lame. Finished far too quickly. But the chocolate was as good as ever. Maybe just a bit over-priced. Hmmm...

And lastly, the peanut-butter milkshakes. Tasted so AMERICAN. Such a strange taste! I don't really understand the American obsession with peanut butter (yes, I do know he's an Israeli chap), but it was quite nice actually. Very heavy. We JUST finished it. Another sip and we would have POPPED.

Very happily too.