Lately, my mum's been on strike (she's a Working Mum now) so I've been really hungry. Like ALL the time. And I always threaten at night that I'm so hungry I'm gonna go out and drive to the 24 Hour Macdonald's and buy food. But I usually don't end up going and instead sulk into the corner, a very sad boy.


I just came back from 'ole macca's at 1:45 am with 4 Big Macs and an extra large Coke (not just for me HEHE I SWEARS). I just finished eating my 2 burgers. GAH. I'm such a total fatass!

I feel so gross. But that was damn tasty. Mmmm!

Now I'm watching Portugal VS Czech Republic at 2 am. WHY? I HAVE MY EFFING ACCOUNTING FINAL TOMORROW. TOMORROW! As in LESS than 24 hours. And I haven't even studied properly. I AM SO INSANE. ARGH ARGH ARGH. I AM THE ULTIMATE PROCRASTINATOR. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

*Goes and pukes it all out*.