What gender is this blog....?

Hey ya'll. I found a nifty little gadget from OneFivePlace called the Gender Genie that can (supposedly) detect/predict the gender of a person through their writing.


This should be quiiite interesting. I wonder what a computer algorithm will say about little 'ole me.

And so I said, what is the post that best represents ME so I checked out my Google Analytics stats to see my most popular posts.

That should do it right??

Then I took my top 2 posts and plugged them into the GENDER GENIE...

According to this post I'm a guy, but according to this post I'm a gal. LOL. Hmm. Something's not right here. It says it works best for entries longer than 500 words.

So I went and plugged in every single word I've ever written in this blog.

Not. Well, I went back a few months then gave up and couldn't be bothered.

And the result is....*DRUM ROLL*....