Crashing Jap-1B...

Totally embarrasing thing happened today. 7 out of 10 embarrasing.

ANYWAY. One of my random through the family acquaintances on Facebook gave me the idea of free education at uni (a.k.a. jumping into random lectures to learn stuff). I thought YAY I ARE SO SMARTS LETS JUMP INTO A BIG JAP LECTURE AND NO-ONE WILL NOES US!

Except NO.

Turns out the lecture was a Jap-1B lecture (as in ppl already could speak rudimentary Japanese) and so it was a total wtf experience. Add to that the fact that the classes were really small and the lecturer knew everyone by first name basis and we stuck out like BIG FAKE SORE THUMBS.

The lecturer went up to ppl during the class and the whole time I was praying PLZ PLZ don't come up to me but damn HELL Murphy's Law she came up to me. Sigh! Then she started asking me stuff in Japanese and I had no idea what was going it was SO BAD. I tried to do some astral projection which totally didn't work so I was stuck there totally embarrased rambling nonsense ARGH FAIL FAIL FAIL!

In other news, I'm chewing a Mentos now and it hurts. Frakking ulcers.

P.S. Did you know Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in Singapore? LMAO WTF?!