Eid Mubarak!!

Happy Eid! Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!!

The holy fasting month of Ramadan ended yesterday, so today is the Muslim holiday of Eid! Everyone's all joyful and celebrating and kiddies running about happy that they have tasty food and cash from parents.

Whole family stayed up late last night making the traditional set of Malay Eid food, i.e. lontong, kuah lodeh, beef rendang, sambal udang, ayam masak merah, etc. Sigh! Malay food is SO GOOD. Not really as widely known as say Chinese food but it is SO good.

It was so funny having to organise everyone to cook all the dishes simultaneously disaster. 6 PEOPLE in one tiny kitchen!! HELL. I like it though. Everyone has to contribute, male or female (don't you just love the gender equality??) My brother isn't so kitchen friendly and didn't cook the chilli properly in a certain dish and so quite a few people are going to have upset tummies. But happy tongues. XD XD.

It's so funny our house is always so packed out on Eid cos all the local families my mum knows come to our house cos we famous on Eid and eat and be merry.

And sooo I had to make a cake! DAH!

I made a traditional Malay cake called kueh lapis (literally "layered cake") which is made from a CRAP load of unhealthy fatty ingredients (20 egg yolks. In one small little 25 x 25 cm cake. LOL! Not to mention half a kilo of butter. But anyway...) but tastes SO GOOD.

(Pic stolen from MadBaker. Sorry!)

My cake really wasn't as pretty as this one, but according to all the old Malay mummas (there were a LOT of them) it was very much moist and tasted very authentic. Awww! That made me happy. Apparently they sell for a crapload. $70 a cake. Oosh!

I should start my own business.


Anonymous 19 October 2008 at 11:09 am  

cik kak,

yang ni gambar kek lapis la bukan kueh lapis.mwahahaha kelakarnya

Ahmad 20 October 2008 at 1:54 am  

cik kak? saya bukan perempuan lah. LOL. orang indonesia ke?

gambar ni kueh lapis ok! Maybe kau thinking of the steamed kueh lapis yang ada many warna-warna ok sorry my malay is falling apart now.

wow i feel so multilingual.