Doggy Dog Shoes

Earlier today, an Iraqi reporter threw not one, but both his shoes at George Dubya Bush's head. News sources from all around the world felt the need to emphasis how, in Arab culture, it is so very rude to throw shoes at people, and so thus, this was an extremely rude thing to do!

LIKE HELLO!?! Last time I checked, throwing your shoes at someone's head is quite rude, no matter where you live. It was so weird how every single news source emphasised that part so much!

I LOL'ed.

P.S. if there does exists a mythical Shoeaklabaad where hitting someone over the head with shoes is a sign of greeting, I want an invite. Just for the lulz.

Watch Bush duck the shoes!

[N.B. I just stole that line verbatim from CNN. I kid you not.]

He's got some pretty good reflexes aye??

In similarly momentous news, my nose bled for the first time in my life today. I think (ok I know) I was picking my nose with unmatch gusto, and accidentally severed something tender. Blood ensued. And we all know in Australia, blood is often seen as a sign of bleeding.