I'm going to the Gold Coast in 13 days, my one-month plan to lose 10 kilos failed miserably (Abs Diet book collecting dust on my new shelf), I'm still bald (hair grows slower than I thought) and I still haven't told my dad that I'm going.


Still have half a mind to ditch all my friends and not go. But for stupid reasons. Mainly the clubbing issue. I don't want to go clubbing in Queensland! LOL! Can't we all just be young and naive and "boring" and stay home and be completely anti-social? I am seriously hardly clubbing material. I hardly listen to music, I can only dance when I'm in Sayed's movie room on his hot red couch, alcohol and skanky girls really are not part of my life, so I dunno! I just don't think I will enjoy it.

Unfortunately, due to the magnetic pull of peer-pressure, most likely I will succumb and be dragged to a night out of red-faced "fun". If I come out alive I'll do a little dance. Just for the irony of course.

Well, looking on the bright side, there's so many fun things we will do in the daylight hours! Like theme parks, pristine white sandy beaches and snorkelling and funnel cake (OH MAN I hope there's funnel cake. I've only seen it in documentaries. It's SO American!)

See?? No need to be such a sourpuss. LOL.

P.S. The Abs Diet is actually quite a good book.