I am so over exams. Are you over exams? I think you are.

Another think I am very much over is Psychology. And to think I was contemplating doing a whole major in Psychology!! Urgh I hate Freud. Nutcase. Thank THE HIGHER POWERS I am no longer doing it. O_O.

Anyway, I just got back a mark for one of my assessments and it was plain old rape. *Sad face*. So the subject that doesn't count to my degree will pull down my WAM and reduce my chances of going somewhere schnazzy for exchange.

Oh did I tells you, I quite excited by the prospect of going on exchange. Somewhere new, somewhere I can have adventures! I really want to go to the UK. Or America? Why not both. Fufu.

So here I am studying at 1:11 in the morning for bloody exams. I had bad food cravings so I ate an entire loaf of garlic bread. Yes, like the whole long thing. Sometimes it's not so good to be able to good decent food.

I am so over people telling me to apply for co-op, over my current job, over everything I just want exams to finish so I can laze around and do NOTHING.