Blowing Cops

I bought a blowtorch from DickSmith the other day! Now I can make proper crème brûlée's without having to hold my stupid little jet-lighter over the sugar for like half an hour while my thumb cramps and the stupid thing breaks anyway.

Well, that's not exactly the main reason I bought it fufu.

Me and me friendsies went to the beach again at night at our same little spot and now since I brought my little blowtorch we could make a proper fire. It was really nice.

We saw 2 guys walking up towards us and we were like oh no weirdoes coming to annoy us. Then they came closer and I saw their utility belts and caps and was like


Except we didn't run cos that would have been lame. We had to weasel our way out of a $500 on the spot fine GAH lucky for us they were really really nice.

Fun though.