Curry BUTT

I'm such a bad blogger! Gosh i never update and i still get a few hits a day. I wonder who's stalking me :P.

Anyway I was running to the car the other day and an old woman stood there staring at me and she screamed out really loud "Gosh. I wish I could do that! Running! RUN! RUN! HAHAHAH!!" and laughed to herself.

Sad, sad laughter.

It was so strange. Poor woman.

I guess we're all gonna be old and creaky one day.

Anyway, work, uni and everything is getting like a little INSANE and I'm so exhausted all the time. Boss said so too. "You look exhausted!".

One of my colleagues in the office, this old woman, calls me "Young Ahmad". It's so funny and slightly disturbing at times. She's quite old but she's the finance manager of some big important segment of the uni, and hearing her ask my boss "Now, where's young Ahmad?" is so so so so strange.


I shouldn't read into it too much.