Dyann Bakes!

I found a REALLY cool video-blog (podcast, whatever u wanna call it) called Dyann Bakes!

It's a very professional looking blog on baking tips! Yes, baking tips. These sorts of things make me excited LOL. The host, Dyann, is fun to watch, unlike other cooking show hosts who just drawl and drawl and make you wanna stab them with their super-expensive cooking equipment you wish was in your hands instead of theirs...*cough*. Anyway.

I was viewing a kewl one about making buttercream (well, "Swiss Meringue Buttercream" if you wanna get fancy XD) and felt like making it. So i did! Heh. I have this weird subconscious dislike for buttercream. I think it's cos i made it once ages ago with some really bad recipe and it tasted so nasty, like sweet oiliness in ur mouth. Nasty.

But this recipe makes a HEAVENLY buttercream. Here's a pic:

It looks kinda gross in this pic, but yeh, wtf, it tastes good. LOL. *Sigh*. I REALLY need to stop procrastinating. My exams are coming up and i'm passing my time making creamy stuff. Ah, who cares! Waiting on more goodie little baking tips from Dyann!!