Delayed Mother's Day Post ...

Mother's Day. A few days late, I know. Ah well, a celebration is a celebration. Spread the love for mum's all round! Cheer cheer! And plus, I made a tasty cheesecake for my mum and I just had to show off HAHA :P. Here's a few pics:

Doesn't it look so tasty? YES. EAT ME!

A slice. With passionfruit sauce dripping off. Yum...

WHAT? Leftovers?!? Back in the fridge you go! Yes! Next to all the creepy preserved things, pita bread and millions of bottles of chilli sauce.

For anyone out there who wants to have a go at making baked cheesecake, here's the really good recipe I used. It's quite fool-proof. Turned out normal even in my shitty oven. LuLz!

Fool's Baked Cheesecake!

For fools if you're foolish enough to make it you're sure to GET FAT!


200g of your favourite biscuits (MUST BE TASTY!!)
100g butter, melted

500g cream cheese (no low-fat crap please)
120g white sugar
50g butter, room temperature
50g flour
4 eggs (1 whole, 3 separated. Shut up and do it.)
150g yogurt

Pinch of salt


Firstly, the most important step in making a cheesecake, let out all your rage at everything that annoys you and at how much your life sucks and crush those GODDAMN biscuits until they turn to powder!! ARGHH!! (Or use a food processor for a more even result.) How fine the biscuits get is up to you. Melt the butter (first 100g) and pour it in, stir till you get happy and dump the whole thing into a springform pan (9-inch, not that anyone actually cares) and press it out till it's as flat as my stomach (HAHA) and plomp it in the fridge for some party times.

Next, using an electric mixer (paddle attachment, not whisk. Most cheesecake recipes try not to incorporate air into the mix, but this one incorporates a shit-load so dance for me madame!) cream together the cream cheese, butter (50g now) and just 50g of the sugar. Let it get light and fluffy, scrape down the sides with a spatula, mix it some more, dance to Madonna, then chuck in the flour, ONE egg and THREE egg YOLKS. Mix, mix, then chuck in the yogurt (I didn't have yogurt so I used white chocolate. HAHA talk about weird substitutes.)

In a NEW (preferably metal and shiny bowl) chuck in the egg whites. Whip to soft peaks, chuck in 70g sugar and the pinch of salt and whip it till you get stiff, oops I mean till it gets stiff.

Now fold the egg whites into the original cheese mixture until well combined. Take out the pan from the fridge, spray the sides, pour in the shit, bake for 60 minutes at 160 degrees celsius in a water bath (I could use a bath) and voila! Bob's your uncle, Jeanette is your dead sister, we all get cheesecake and EVERYONE is happy!


Got my mum a choccy goodie bag too.

I know! I'm so nice!


Maya Yunos 21 May 2008 at 7:06 pm  

Yes2, you are very nice...and so "humble" too :p