I joined a soccer club! Woohoo! Joy joy cheer cheer dance around the fire. I never thought I'd ever join a sport team. I've never thought of myself as a team person (no matter how much I try to fake it in my resume LOLOL :P) but it's actually heaps of much fun.

My team are the Chullora Wolves. No website up yet, but should be up there soon. Now that I think about it, chances are this post will end up to the top of a Google search for anyone searching Chullora Wolves. Ah well. Honestly is my policy (not).

Actually, there is a site. Kind of.

Anyway, I think I suck (at soccer) but sometimes I think I really am not so bad, but just think I suck and hence I suck even more. Do you gets? Don't worry I don't get it either. I'm like the guy everyone is always giving advice too. Haha. I don't mind, really. I need all the advice I can get!

It's good exercise. Which I need. Fatty. Asthma flares up all the time at training. Gah. I seem to be injuring people a lot though. Mostly people on my own team. Hmm...

A lot of my brother's friends from high-school are in the team. They're so good. Especially one guy. Insanely good. He's like our trump card. WIN.

Will keep ya'll posted.

In the meantime, I need to find out what sorts of exercise equipment is good for home. And kick out nicely ask my brothers to move out so I can have my own room...