Uni. Co-op. Joy.

Have I ever mentioned how joyful life is? I DON'T THINK I WILL ANYTIME SOON. BAHAHAHA. Clearly I am going insane. This is what uni does to ppl. Honestly. Especially lazy people like me who can't be bothered studying at all, but are on scholarships that require distinction averages.


My economics lecturer singled out me and 2 of my friends in front of the entire lecture hall. OMG how embarrasing. Just cos we were sitting up the back and talking. Bit deal. She never shuts up herself. Skank.

All people wanna do is drink. That kinda cuts me out of most of their social activities doesn't it? Ah well. I'll just dance around at home. I'm gonna drop out of uni soon and go enrol at the Sydney Institute of the Culinary Arts. I don't think that exists but if I did I would so go and join.

To add to my dramas, now 2nd round Co-op offers are now open, so basically I am honour-bound to apply again and get rejected again. Which would lead to me slitting my wrists and flavouring the earth with my blood.


Here is a little timeline of my relationship with Co-op.

Not pretty.

Now all I have to think of is something creative I've done, a time I've been a leader, a time I've overcome hardship, why I want to fondle my cats, and why God hates me.


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