And so does semester 2 start...

Semester 2 started yesterday. And I want to kill myself already. Mondays this semester are gonna be hell. HELL ON EARTH I TELL YOU!! It's not tertiary education its TORTURE.

9 am till 6 pm! You gots to be joking! (Clearly I don't work full-time yet but thats like, err, besides the point.) And not to mention a huge 3 hour break in the middle of it. Where I can't be bothered talking to anyone.

And finally we come to the root of them problem. My emo-ness! Yay!

Anyway. I'm inclined to say, "none of my subjects interest me anymore! *sulk sulk*...", but I haven't had an actuarial lecture yet so I can't really say that and not be a liar. Maths is really boring again this semester. I asked some of the other scholarship kids what they got for Math1151 and they're like, "Ah gee! I JUST scraped a high distinction."


That kinda made me slightly depressed on the train ride home. So I pigged out on food and felt better. PRAISE THE LORD FOR GOOD METABOLISM. I'm like the retard out of the scholarship kids. Hehe.

Thank Gawd I don't have uni today. Phew.

*Looks for friends.... *