DAMN GAMES!! Reviews and my long absence.

If you've noticed my long absence (which you clearly have) and were missing me dearly (as you sorely were) then I suggest you let out all your pain at my not posting on the satan that is video games. Maybe my parents were slightly, ummm (DARE I SAY IT??) intelligent (GAH!) in not allowing us to buy a console for so many years.

We have way too many games now. It's NOT HEALTHY.

Here's a close-up of all the games we have.

It's just WAY too easy to turn on the devil box, stick in a CD and off you go, without having to worry about drivers and video settings and all those sorts of PC things. Consoles are SO amazing. I saw some of the hi-def graphics on my friend's Sony Bravia TV and it was TEH COOLEST. It's nice that we're all legit now and now buying pirated games and whatever. That always made me feel a bit meh.