Life just feels like a blur these days. I dunno what I'm doing anymore. Sleepy patterns are majorly weird. Travelling is the ultimate blur. Coming back home from uni is such an out-of-body experience. I sit on the train and either go to sleep (barely; weird half-way to sleep sort of state) or sit there and look out the window and think weird things all the way home. I should stop thinking so much. Walking back home when its dark its very confusing. I get moments of "huh! Where am I?"

LOL this guy at uni told me this story of how he has to walk home and it takes 15 minutes and he has to go through bushland and how he saw this MASSIVE rabbit. Then he made this face like showing how the rabbit was just sitting there eating grass it was the funniest thing ever!

Sloppy grammar that last paragraph was.

I just fixed my wireless network adapter on this laptop. Which means I can blog again! Wireless internet = secret internet use = anonymous blogging. My family is much too nosy. Die die DIE!!! For anyone using an LG comp, reinstall your drivers and use Intel PROset to handle ur intarnets.

Mum just woke up. Damn. Let the nagging begin...

In more joyful news, I found this MOST AMAZING remix of the music from this old Sierra game I used to play (Zeliard a.k.a Best. Game. Ever. Go download it illegally from somewhere.) It's done by Jason Artman (link) and this is the one I am listening to over and over and over and over...

!! LINK !! Cavern of Malicia. Ah the memories. Such innocent times.

I'm gonna go ahead and break the cardinal rule of Blogging and flood this post with so many topics and ideas and events that no one reading this will be able to keep up and thus will:

1. Spontaneously combust...
2. Die in another evil way or worst...
3. Close the window and never come back.

I just watched a 5 minute clip of Tila Tequila trying to find love. Or something like that. Please someone kill me. I am scarred for life.

The Olympics volleyball is amazing. I just watched America VS Bulgaria. I went for Bulgaria. I love rooting for underdogs. Anyway, volleyballers really like to touch each other's butts. It's so very ... umm ... interesting. Disconcerting? Hmm. One day I want to represent Australia in the Olympics. Has the ship passed my harbour and left me behind?


I've seen some really weird things involving a monkey and a toad recently on the internet. Do not Google monkey + toad. DO NOT DO IT. Ok now that you've gone and scarred your eyeballs allow me to put them out with my handy dandy pens which I bought on an impulse buying spree at uni.

Best pens ever!

A bee sat (can bees sit?) on my arm today at the train station when I was waiting for the train. It was freaky. I hate bees. A bee stung me on my eyelid and so now I an apiarophobic. I made that word up based on my knowledge of English morphology.

Turns out I'm wrong. It's apiphobia. Close enough! Interesting note: Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity. How ridiculous! Actually, it's not that ridiculous. I had this dream once where I had to run down this really long spiral staircase. It was freaky.

The toilet lightbulb blew so I had to shit in the dark. It was uncomfortable. In uni today in my actuarial studies tutorial I got put in a group with Alex. That was even more uncomfortable. It's not his fault though. I'm just a bit awkward sometimes.

But it's ok.