Language Update...

Hello again happy people. I ditched uni again today. Weee~! One day, ONE DAY, I'll realise I'm in the wrong course and I'll stop going to uni altogether. But until that day, keep passing round the anti-depressants!

Anyway, language update time! How is my quest to learn 6 languages simultaneously? Did you say that? Of course you did. Now I shall tell you, in order of increasing hopelessness.

Malay: Ok, I guess. Still have very low vocabulary, and I don't know how to conjugate verbs properly. My grammar is all fugged up and I talk like a 3 year old street rat. But at least I can vaguely communicate!

Arabic: Not so ok. Still can't communicate with anyone. Mebbe cos all my Arab friends speaked slanged-up versions of Arabic that aren't worth learning anyway. Vocab sucks 100x worse than Malay (which is SAYING SOMETHING) but I've learnt all my basic verb conjugations! I'll write them all out for you now. Actually I can't be bothered.

French: Umm. I can say the French "r". Which counts for something, oui? LOL! I'm getting better, I can do simple prepositional phrases, and small verbal sentences. Les filles courents!

Japanese: Thank GOD Japanese is not a tonal language in the way Mandarin is. So much easier to learn. I don't really understand the grammar of Jap, but it's coming along slowly. Uma ni notte iru onnanoko! Also, I'm slowly learning the hiragana characters now, 5 a day. Should have them wrapped up in a while. Kanji will be hell though.

German: Haven't spent much time on German. I know a few nouns. Ein Mann!

Mandarin: Mandarin is satan! I can't even pronounce the words properly. The whole thing about the 4 tones is IMPOSSIBLE. My chinese friend got so frustrated and said that I had to be tonedeaf. How insulting. Hmph!


Amna 10 August 2008 at 10:37 pm  

Lisa's right. You are SO tone deaf.

My sister can be your Mandarin buddy, she's studying it this semester. Everyone's gone language-crazy hahaha XD

london girl 6 September 2008 at 4:10 am  

I know how difficult it is. I speak Arabic, French and Japanese fluently, a little German and am learning some Mandarin. The only way is to talk to people from that culture. And do what I do, keep listening to podcasts when you are travelling, on the train, plane, tube etc..
Anyway good luck. And Ramandan Kareem! X

Ahmad 7 September 2008 at 10:36 pm  

Oh my. You can speak 4 languages fluently! YOU ARE MY HERO! I think i'll stalk u from now on...