Olympics!! And my HUGE TV!!

Beijing Olympics are in FIVE DAYS. Can you believe it? I remember waking up to watch the Athens opening ceremony like it was yesterday. Gosh time moves so damn fast when you're not paying attention.

I'm so excited! I love watching the Olympics; it's so good. I love watching swimming, track events, gymnastics, tae kwon do and so many more I can't remember.

How good are the Olympic venues this time round?? I guess it's a lot easier for the communist government not having to really ask anyone if they want to build at a certain place. I remember during the Sydney 2000 Olympics there was a new airport that was going to be built but it was blocked by environmentalists who said it would destroy the habitat of the green tree frog or something. ^^;;

ALSO ALSO ALSO!! Breaking news!! I bought a new TV! YES! I'm breaking all the rules now. Usually we don't buy new things since we're so povo but me and my brother pooled our money and bought a 50 inch widescreen HD plasma tv.

Can't wait to watch the olympics on it!