First Time Voting

I voted for the first time on Sunday. Local elections. I felt like, all important and stuff. And oh so democratic. It was really strange too. Like my opinion actually counted or something. And not having to vote the way anyone else voted or wanted me to vote, but voting for who I felt was the right candidate (or who I was fooled into voting). And all that other happy jazz.

It was funny cos I didn't know the policies of any of the candidates at all. People were crowding around me and everyone else handing me pamphlets of how to vote for Labor or Liberal or this particular independent or watever. I comtemplated voting based on how aesthetically pleasing the candidate was but then I realised that that was a tad bit too Fahrenheit 451 than I'd like to be comfortable with.

When people ask me who I voted for I say, "Obama".

It's so trendy isn't it?