Ramadan Cream!

Ramadan Cream! No, not a special desert made during this most auspicious of months, but rather how lazy people with bad Arabic pronunciation (i.e. moi!) say, "Ramadan Kareem!" which basically means, "Happy Ramadan!"

I've been meaning to make a post on this since Monday, but have been putting it off, but since I saw fellow Daring Baker pixxienix do a post I thought, "Darn it! Do it already!" And so I did.

Haha! Reading last year's Ramadan post made me laugh. Quote:

Once again, the holiest of months is upon us: Ramadan!

At this time of the year, Muslims (like me!) all over the world fast (sawm), and refrain from eating, drinking, sexual relationships, bitching about other people, and being naughty in general. 'Tis the month to be pure and holy. Amen.

Anyway, if anyone of your friends/acquaintances/family-members suddenly stops eating during the day for a month from sunrise till sunset, and has really bad empty stomach breath chances are they're fasting.

Make them really nice food! They'll appreciate it! ;)