Another language update...

Hello once again happy people! I have a macroeconomics quiz tomorrow that I haven't studied for but who cares! Blogging is fun! And I should do a language major instead! But enough wishful thinking. More language study! Maybe then I can fluently speak many languages like londongirl! Once again, my chosen 7 languages, arranged in order of increasing hopelessness!

Malay: I have done absolute nothing since my last post! And hence I know absolutely nothing more! I want to buy some Malay primary school textbooks, a Malay grammar book and a English-Malay dictionary. Same for Arabic, Japanese and French.

Arabic: Better, better! My Lebanese friend was speaking to his mum on the phone and I understood a few lines! WOOHOO! That was coolness. Except that slang Arabic is a bit different to the more formal Standard Modern Arabic I'm learning. Getting better. Learnt lots of pronouns and attached pronouns and stuff like that.

Japanese: Notice how Japanese has trumped French since last time?? HEHE. That's cos I learnt all my hiragana!! I had such a amazing turning point magical moment in Japanese. Remember these cool Japanese stuffed-toys I blogged about a while ago? Well, I was looking at them again recently and I realised that I COULD READ THEM:

Here's a picture of it posed conveniently in front of my blog.


TO-U-FU! Tofu! So they ARE called tofu-toys!

That made me so happy. Like REALLY happy. I went nuts for a while and no-one could understand my joy and everyone was making fun of me. But I didn't care! Epiphany! I have broken into a whole new world!

[P.S. Nothing new on French, German or Mandarin. Pew pew.]